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  • R?sler  CRAFTS & TEC

    Cast iron plate

    All metal parts are made of high-quality materials Dimensions and distances are manufactured according to the standards of PETROF’s design

    Back frame structure

    The back frame is made of solid wood, and the back column is made of Picea jezoen solid wood to ensure that the back frame structure is stable and durable


    The string head adopts imported wool felt

    Agraffe Construction

    R?sler upright pianos are designed with Full agraffe construction so that the length of the finger line is active and the position of the hammer head is better than the traditional pressure bar structure The agraffe construction was evaluated as a mark of a high-quality piano

    soild wood keyboard

    The keyboard uses imported solid spruce

    Sound board

    The soundboard structure is distinctive and made of high-altitude sub-arctic spruce wood Using PETROF s paint process and polyurethane lacquer increased moisture resistance


    The action part adopts the same design as Renner of Germany and use European-imported hornbeam wood

    String axis

    The string axis of Rosler piano is made of 18 layers of maple And it is stable and firm


    The ROSLAU high strings from Germany can ensure the soft tone and the good overtone of the strings while playing


    5 The piano keyboard is HAINSWORTH felt from the UK, which has good weather ability, so that the piano can be stable in different environments

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